gallery Showing Off BabyBump Now in Trend !!

Bollywood Actress Sveta Salve(Left) & American Actress Anne Hathaway(Right)

It’s obvious to share your happy moments of life with friends & public. Specially when it comes to celebrities its very common to sharing their personal life chats, moments & pictures in Twitter, Instagram. Earlier I used to see actresses were wearing loose cloths & hiding their BabyBumps. But now a days, showing off #BabyBump in bikini on trend. Hmmmm, ‘Zamana Badal Gya Hai’…… Later you guys will see mine ;):D

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  1. I think it’s interesting how that’s a trend now. When my mom was pregnant with me, you didn’t show it off at all because it was considered something you kept private. Now everyone shares them and even does sexy maternity shoots. Not sure if I’m comfortable with doing that myself!

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