gallery Who Have Never Tasted a ‘Paan’ !!

Paan is a traditional digestive & mouth freshener used in India, since ancient times. It is chewed & eaten usually after meals but it can be consumed any time of the day. Different regions in India also have their own variations. Traditionally, there are two varieties of Paans: sada meetha. Sada is the simplest type of paan. Most of the time areca nut, catechu paste & slaked lime paste is added to the betel leaf. Meetha or Sweet, the more popular one, comes with coconut flakes, tootie-frootie, candied fruits, rose paste (gulkand), cardamom, betel nuts & cloves, wrapped in a crispy betel leaf (which has a peppery tinge to it). But now a days, there are different variations of paan are built like chocolate paan, mawa paan, ice paan, kulfi paan etc. My favourite is Chocolate Paan, probably is a blessing for those who love paan and chocolate. The paan leaf covered in chocolate syrup tastes heavenly. Guys, must try these unique Paan flavours & enjoy the taste of it. 🙂

image source: cityshor

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