gallery How to Get Girls Attention Without Saying a Word ??


Interestingly, there’s no proved way to attract a girl. But here are some things you can do to get her attention. So the question is, what makes guys so attractive to women? Guys pull attractive moves all of the time without even realising the effect it has on us. Whether it’s what they’re wearing or what they’re doing, it can make us swoon. There are things I find sexy about guys are body shape, veins, beard, folded sleeves, wrist watch & black colour. Girls love veins on guys arm. I almost died every time I see the guys with abs & good body shape. A guy with light beard can make my knees weak. And of-course, ‘Man in black’. Black colour suits on most of the guy. But when a guy rolls up his sleeves, he becomes ten times sexier. What’s more, I think its a nice wrist watch, emphasizes a man’s physical strength, by drawing our attention to the thickness of his wrist and the size of his hands. I think this is enough to write about girls weak spot. Now you guys have to work on it. 😉

image source: instagram

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