gallery The Difference Between The Men & The Boys !!

Men & boys have endless fascination for their machines – be it bikes, cars, yachts & more recently mobiles. However, when it comes to making the biggest impression – I think – watches win hands down.

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Watches are machines of beauty. It appeals to both the head & the heart. The design of the watch makes a statement. The colour of the dial, the material of the band, the shape & size of the watch, all matters. A watch is not just a time keeping machine. It’s a piece of art. It’s a statement about who wears it. Every watch tells a story about the man who wears it. So choose your story carefully. Here are a few watches and how they set their owners apart from the rest.

Emporio Armani Analog Black Dial Men’s Watch – AR1410

This black beauty from the house of Armani looks royal. The golden roman numbers overlaid on the black dial held by a black ceramic band portrays boldness & strengthMore..

Citizen Eco-Drive Analog Brown Dial Men’s Watch BU0011-63Z

This brown dial with stainless steel band Eco-Drive from citizen represents care & comfort. The rose gold dial adds a little mystery into the mix. More…





Diesel Machinus Analog Black Dial Men’s Watch – DZ7359

This Diesel Machinus with a big black dial marks its presence with an air of  sophistication intelligence. The designer has balanced out the mechanistic sophistication with a romantic brown leather strap that makes it look cosy & comfortable at the same time. More…

Louis Erard Analog Silver Dial Men Watch – 78104AA13.BMA22

This one from Louis Erard is a plain “classic”. Delivers a perfect blend – the white and black dial creates a sense of clarity, reliability & strength. This brilliantly beauty brings it all together. A sense of achievement, accomplishment. Seen it all. Been there. Done that. It says “I have it all in me.” More…

Citizen Unisex Watch – BL800054L

I had to include this blue beauty from Citizen into the list. The blue dial signifies depth & stability. Wisdom, loyalty & trust.  While the shining steel band adds elegance & glamourMore…

So get up guys, take control of your time…. pieces  😉

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