gallery 5 Must Have Men’s Shoes !!

True! Shoes speak louder than words. A man can be judged on a number of factors – with three of the main counts being his cloths, handshake & footwear. Shoes for men are about elegance. Each man should own at least five pairs of shoes, then see how every event in your life will fit into one of these soles.

The Brown Leather Shoe

If you work in an office, you probably wear some combination of jacket/button up shirt/trousers every day. Brown shoes will almost always work with these outfits.

The Black Leather Shoe

A black shoe complements formal wear perfectly – whether you’re wearing a tux to a black tie function or a slim-fit suit to an important job interview.

The Loafer

As for a slip-on, the loafer offers options for day or night. This easy style is also travel friendly. This is your go-to option for a casual everyday outfit.

The Trainer Shoe

A classic combination of plain, block coloured t-shirt & jeans can be transformed into an on trend look with the simple addition of a pair of the right trainers.

The Leather Boot

Perfect for the weekend, a pair of lace-up boots can be worn with your favourite jeans when you want to chill out & keep your feet warm.

So boys, pick the pairs you need, and keep them looking shiny & new.

image source: klip

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