gallery My Visit to Ayesha !!

Accessories are the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit. I feel without accessories every woman’s look is incomplete. Recently, I went to the mall looking for fashion jewellery & stepped into the Ayesha store. Ayesha Accessories launched by actress Ayesha Kapur, is a fashion accessories brand in India. They have a wide range of  bracelets, anklets, earrings, necklaces & more for boys, girls & kids. I was pleasantly surprised to see that they also offer stylish bags, goggles & scarfs other than fashion jewellery. I loved the store experience. Ayesha is more than just a fashion jewellery retailer. My experience was excellent.


Ayesha Kapur

See inside pictures of the Ayesha Accessories Store at Phoenix market city, Bangalore. Check them out in a nearby mall or click on the below link to visit their website:

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