gallery 5 Eye Makeup Looks You Should Try !!


True! Your eyes shows the strength of your soul. And your eye makeup says about your style. Every woman loves to look beautiful, and eyes plays an important role in constructing a look. My eyes are my best part, so my main work is always around them. I really like doing a smoky eye, playing with liquid eye liners, using different colours of liners & eyelashes extension. I have many eye makeup ideas in my head but I am writing about only few of them which are in trend. Try out these 5 eye makeup looks :

Get Sexy Shimmery Eyes:


Apply a light shimmery shadow over your entire eyelid as the base shade. Add in some bronze eyeshadow. Intensify your eye at the outer corners & line your eyes.

Get Mod Smoky Eyes:


Line the outer rim of your eyes with a brown pencil. Apply brown shadow to the crease of your eye. Intensify your brow. Line the waterline of your lower lid. Coat your lashes with mascara.

Get Loud Teal Liner Eyes:


Cover your eyelid with a shimmery brown shadow. Add a pop of colour to your lower lashline. Fill in your brows. To create the perfect frame for your eyes, use a brow powder shade that’s lighter than your eyebrows.

Get Sexy Cat Eye:


Begin at the outer corner of your eye, angling the brush toward your temple. Run the same gel liner along your top lash line starting from a quarter of the way in from the inner corner of your eye.

Get Sexy Olive-Purple Eyes:


Prep the eyelids with primer. Apply a pressed powder shadow onto your eyelid with an eyeshadow brush. Using a charcoal gray shade, trace the crease of your eye from the outer corner to a little past the midway point of your eye. Then, add some olive eyeshadow over your eyelid directly above the purple liner & along your lower lash line. Fully line the inner upper & lower rim of your eyes with jet-black liner.

Ladies, choose your favourite eye look!

image source: pinterest


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