gallery Stylish Couple Dressing Goals !!

‘Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak’. No matter how beautiful & hot the couple are, Are they stylish together? Some dressing style rules every style oriented couple should follow:

Rule 1. If your cloth compete with your girlfriend’s, neither of you will look cool. Let your partner take center place.

Rule 2. If you both love same colour dressing, but want to look different then alternate your fabrics & textures. Match your colours, not textures.

Rule 3. See in picture, peach colour of the girl’s dress picks up the light colour of the boy’s shirt. Both are wearing neutral cloths but still looking good. Its better to find your neutral ground.

Rule 4. Try to wear the same outfit, but leave most of the accessorising to her. Its always better to coordinate with your partner’s outfit.

Rule 5. For casual days, take a pair of jeans with white tee. Sometimes you have to keep things simple.

image source: pinterest  

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