gallery White & Gold Nail Style !!

Simple yet classy! White & gold nails are trendy. They look awesome and are great for both parties or normal days. White is a super-mod and must-wear shade, and gold can add the shimmer & glowing glam to your hands. Here are three white and gold nail styles you can choose from.

White Tip Nails with Golden Spray

images (2)

Go for Avon Golden & Maybelline Transparent nail colour. Apply a transparent base coat with white tips and golden spray on you nails. This can add the required sophisticated charm to a simple look.

Gold Metallic Nails


Give your nails a metallic gold high shine touch with Giordani Gold nail paint. Apply a single coat on your nails & wear it on normal days.

White Nails with Gold Sparkles


Go for YLG White & Gold Glitter nail paint. Apply a white base coat & swipe a gold glitter polish over the back half of your nail. These are perfect for any party.

Check out the dress in my previous blog with which you can match these nail styles.

image source: styletic

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