gallery The Empowerment of ‘Massive Vibe Live’ Tonight at The Chug !!

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Feel the Vibe, Live the Vibe with Massive Vibe Live, a worldwide concert series empowering the world through a new form of powerful music, striking visuals and dance. Produced by Candice Feinberg, Massive Vibe is supported by the local community in countless cities around the world. The team comprises talented artists and technicians, passionate about bringing humanity to the world through the power of music. They seek to connect and inspire postive change in the world through their performance, music, mind, speech and body.

Don’t miss the opportunity to hear them live tonight at ‘The Chug Garage Bar’.

The Chug Garage Bar offers interactive meetups with artists, access to visuals and audios and hookup with a great audience. Wonderful ambience; a great place for evening food/drinks.


The Chug Garage Bar

See more of Massive Vibe Live by visit to Facebook, Instagram, TwitterYou Tube and

image source: instagram

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