gallery 6 Must Have Nutrients For Women !!

Sometimes we women get so busy with our daily lives, there is no time for health. We miss out some crucial nutrients in everyday diet. These are some essential vitamins and minerals that every woman needs to keep her body healthy and strong.


Iron is essential for healthy blood cell. To avoid getting anaemic, women should take enough of iron.

Find it in: Eggs, fish, legumes, green leafy vegetable, beans.


From healthy teeth to bone development, Calcium intake is recommended at every stage of women’s life.

Find it in: milk, cheese, paneer, curd, almonds, green vegetables.


Water helps in removing harmful toxins from body and keeps you hydrated. It will also protect you from acne.


Magnesium help the body to deal with stress and also help in building bones.

Find it in: Sesame seeds, basil, broccoli, almond, banana, pumpkin seeds, avocado, spinach.

5. OMEGA-3

Omega-3 helps in getting relieve from menstrual pain and also protect bones. It keeps your heart healthy.

Find it in: Fish, walnut, broccoli, flax seeds, olive oil.


Protein is one of the essential component as it provide you with energy. It will also help in building muscles and boosting immune system.

Find it in: Egg, dairy product, dals, fish, chicken.

So ladies, must include these in your daily diet.

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