gallery This Mother’s Day, Celebrate The ‘Deivee’ Within !!

Every day we live is a blessing from our mother. She is the angel, she is the goddess, she is the one who has looked over us, given us the space to grow and express ourself with confidence. We should be thankful to her every single moment she spends with us and this is what Mother’s day is all about.

This Mother’s day I am expressing my love to ‘Maa’ by wearing this Deivee T-Shirt that says mothers in many languages.


The word Deivee itself means Goddess. I believe that every woman has a ‘Deivee’ within and we need to learn to express it. This tee is the one way to express the Deivee within. Cosy & comfortable, it perfect for all occasions. Wear it along your mother or daughter this Mother’s Day.

This Mother’s day celebrate by showing your mother/daughter how much you love her and make her feel special.

Shop the tee here

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