gallery Get The Real Benefits Out From Your Yoga Session, Go Organic !!

Yoga is the key to Healthier and Happier Lifestyle. It calms your mind, body and soul. But are we getting the full benefit of it? According to a recent study by Harvard School of Public Health, there are certain harmful chemicals in PVC yoga mats that can disrupt endocrine function and impair embryo development, making you infertile for life. While breathing during asanas, the chemical easily gets transferred from the mat into the body.

It is time to replace the PVC yoga mats with natural and organic ones to get real benefits out of your daily yoga sessions. After knowing the fact, I bought myself a natural, eco friendly Sambu yoga mat made of jute and sambu grass that keeps me close to earthy elements. This mat offers maximum comfort with anti skid finish can be used indoor and outdoor. It is a great companion to the natural yoga practice.



I made the right choice. What about you? Choose the right one and go organic today. You can check more organic yoga mats here

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